Motek 2019 – Reflection & Prospect

Motek 2019 – Reflection & Prospect

Visitors and attending sales partner alike were inspired and discovered why ZIMM is simply the right choice as a reliable partner for future projects. With many tangible inquiries, as well as useful discussions, knowledge was exchanged, which will enhance our customer service.

“The launch of our ZE app was also very well received. Although the app and its functions are currently limited, the majority of visitors were amazed nevertheless. In the following weeks, this app will be further developed and useful feedback from our customers also taken into account .

Rene Leuc | ZIMM Marketing Manager

Utilising MOTEK 2019 as a platform to showcase the new corporate image film, coupled with the new ZE models and ZE catalogue proved to be the right call since all sides gave much praise. We want to express our heartfelt thanks to the entire expo-team, as well as all employees working hard in the background so that everything worked well.

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