Create awareness.  Change perceptions.  Motivate people to act.  Because marketing has the power to do all of these, businesses invest in it.  And those businesses reap the rewards, which, in turn, pay for more marketing 

But what about a battered women’s shelter?  The local school band?  Or a community social service agency? 

BrainShare is our way of helping.  Every year, we donate a percentage of our services (or profits) to worthy causes and organizations.  Because, in our opinion, they deserve marketing, too.   

Here are some of the organizations to which we’ve made contributions in funds, goods, and/or services:  



Our clients look to us for the latest techniques, newest ideas, freshest solutions.

Like other agencies, we read scores of general and specialty print and online publications.

In addition, to stay plugged into the research and application of cutting-edge thinking, we maintain membership in various online business groups and subscribe to publications that cover the rapidly changing marketing landscape.

We also pay particular attention to business and marketing trends that might affect our clients. And through our membership in The Top of Virginia Chamber of Commerce, we receive both regional and national chamber publications with the latest economic news.



Celebrating one year in business was grand!

Celebrating five years was grander. We let people know with this fun card, featuring the 5-year-old son of an employee. That sweet little boy is now all grown up!

To celebrate ten years in business, we decided that an April Fools party with clients and friends would be just the ticket. We “teased” the event with a series of teaser cards (like this one). In response, we got lots of phone calls from clients who recognized our Z and promised they wouldn’t “spill” if we told them what was going to happen.

At fifteen years, we were serious enough to create the 15-year symbol.

At twenty years, we added five years to create this.

Here are a few holiday cards that bring back memories, both of the creative teams that concepted these wonderful cards – and of the charities to which we made our annual holiday donations.

We enjoyed playing off our Brains for hire tagline.

Can you guess where this holiday card, featuring a Ho Ho, was taking the reader?!

Inside, we wished Good Will Toward Women to underscore our donation to The Coalition for Battered Women.

Then there was the tree card, with the lovely, dreamy imagery and elegiac wording about the majesty of the Tannenbaum . . . Inside, we affixed pine-scented, tree-shaped air fresheners – the kind you see dangling from rear-view mirrors – that were so powerful, it was almost impossible to enter the conference room during assembly!

To all the team members across the years who have helped The Zimmerman Group grow, we give you a hearty shout-out in deep thanks for your positive energy and enormous talent. And to the clients, influencers, and friends who have been in our corner, we are truly grateful.

And now, on to the next phase!


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