Once upon a time (well, fifteen years ago), a national pharmaceutical client told us that a major marketing program we’d created for her had turned out to be very successful. In thanking us, she said, “I never could have done this without you. You could have shut me in a room for a year. I needed your brains.”

A few years later, a regional service-sector client called to set up an appointment to discuss his firm’s interest in entering some new markets. He said, “I don’t know what kinds of services we’ll need. But we’d like to meet with you very soon, so that you can tell us what steps we need to take for you to build a strategic marketing plan for us.”

So we’ve realized that our greatest asset is in helping you think through the best ways to market your products and services. What combination of tools — that is, what customized, integrated marketing plan — will work best for you? And how can we bring extraordinary creativity to the process, so that you look good and your business prospers?

We are committed to working in partnership with you to help you reach your goals. And we promise to bring our passionate belief in the power of communications to you, regardless of what combination of advertising, direct mail, trade show programs, public relations, contributed article campaigns, or internal communications we recommend.

This unsolicited client comment about our collaboration on a large, multi-faceted program represents the kind of energy and dedication that we want to bring to you:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for the work you are doing on this project. Without your attention to detail and your total control of this fast-moving project, I don’t think we could survive. I know I couldn’t be doing it without you. Thanks again. I am glad you are part of the team.”

Call on us. We’ve got “Brains for hire.”