We recommend marketing activities designed to (a) encourage new customers to try your products or services, (b) compel existing customers to increase their use of your products or services, and/or (c) help retain current customers.

Once we’ve clarified the strategic direction, we focus on creativity. We believe legendary ad guru Bill Bernbach’s contention that “Properly practiced, creativity can make one ad do the work of ten.” And, as a BrandWeek article says, “Creativity needs to be regarded as a multiplier or extrapolator, not just as a resource in and of itself.”

Here are a few examples of successful campaigns:

Scaltrol Inc

Scaltrol helps commercial and residential customers beat scale build-up, saving them from costly down time and expensive maintenance repairs.

Scaltrol Inc websiteWhen they contacted us, they asked us to develop a plan to update their brand and increase product awareness in new industries.

Following the approved plan, we created a contemporary logo, totally redesigned the website, and came up with new collateral. Within a month after web launch, they were getting an increased volume of product inquiries and sales.

We also recommended using public relations and selected advertising to get their message out. Based on our outreach, a key industry trade publication chose to showcase them in a feature story in early 2015.

That’s what makes a great day for us!

Shenandoah Valley Community Residences

Shenandoah Valley Community Residences (SVCR) provides residential services to adults with intellectual disabilities.

Shenandoah Valley Community Residences logoWhen we created their new website, we knew that the written word could not begin to match the power of heartfelt emotion in the same way that video could.

So we invited two mothers of residents to share why they thought that finding SVCR was so important for their children — and their entire families. We didn’t rehearse them. We didn’t prep them ahead of time. We wanted them to share their honest, unfiltered thoughts and feelings.

Similarly, we invited three of the residents to give us glimpses into their daily lives.

And we invited a board member to share why she thinks the organization is so important to her life — and to those of the families involved.

Simple. Powerful. Better than pages and pages of print.

Springer America

Springer America logoSpringer America is the exclusive importer of the Springer Dog Exerciser from Norway to the Americas. With the burgeoning interest in both pet and human health, the Springer has grown in popularity, as people discover the ease and fun of biking with their dogs.

We’re honored to be Springer America’s go-to agency for a wide range of consulting: from public relations to trade show planning to interface with the media.

If we discover an opportunity for a multi-platform campaign — from print advertising to banner ads to social media blurbs — we assist from concept and copy through coordination.

When they need a script for a new video, we craft it. When they release new products, we let their key audiences know, through broad release strategies and direct-to-editor promotions.

All the while, we know that we’re promoting something good for furry friends and their owners.

Timber Ridge School

Timber Ridge School WebsiteTimber Ridge School, well-known for high-quality programming for seriously emotionally disturbed and behaviorally disordered adolescent boys, knew that their website was not working as effectively as it could.  

After completing a strategic planning process, we realized that the site needed to be reorganized and rewritten to meet the needs of its various audiences, including social service workers, referring agencies, parents, etc. But we also saw that the site did not reflect the warmth and caring of its management, teachers, and staff.  The heartfelt anecdotes we heard from teachers, parents, and students convinced us that we had to find a way to (a) explain the wide range of programs available and (b) showcase the humanity of the teachers and staff.   

We achieved this through an architecture designed to be easily navigable, as well as thoughtful use of photos and testimonials.  The client’s summary to us, "Great work!  The product is very, very satisfying."


BioChemed Trade Show BoothBioChemed is a leading provider of blood and tissue products for pharmaceutical testing and manufacturing applications.

When we began strategic planning for a new campaign — including exhibiting at major industry trade shows, developing direct mail and collateral, and enhancing the company’s existing website — we realized that a big benefit for their customers is BioChemed’s combination of competitive pricing, superior products, and scientifically knowledgeable staff.

As a result, we built an integrated campaign using the headline “The ideal balance of quality and pricing” that we brought to life with this iconic image of a very cute lab mouse.

We appreciate our client’s kind words after the first big trade show with these new materials: “Ellen is a valued consultant and valued business partner. She genuinely is concerned for our success and thinks ‘outside the box’ for new, catchy graphics and marketing tools. AND she has vast experience in the biopharmaceutical field.”

United BioSource Corporation

UBC campaign adBrought in to launch a strategic planning initiative for this pharmaceutical services organization, The Zimmerman Group has developed for UBC a host of materials, including advertising, trade show booth design, direct mail, show giveaways, website, flash presentations, holiday cards, internal newsletters — and much more.

We have also worked closely with scientists and administrators in various UBC offices around the world to maximize opportunities to publicize the breadth and leadership that UBC brings to the global pharmaceutical market. In addition to creating and distributing press releases, we have helped draft and/or edit numerous scientific journal articles.

In this spirit, here is one of the advertising campaigns we created for UBC, showcasing their ability to bring science, technology and innovation together for the advancement of their clients — and the industry.


Reimser campaignWhen RIEMSER, a German pharmaceutical company, purchased the worldwide specialty dental business of Curasan AG, including its three leading products — Cerasorb®, EpiGuide®, and REVOIS® — we were asked to help them raise the profile of this line in the United States. As part of our mandate, we have provided marketing counsel, advertising, media planning, and trade show planning and design.

In addition, we serve as their public relations counsel, helping get the word out to journals that target oral surgeons, periodontists, implantology specialists, and general dentists.

This trade show booth showcases RIEMSER’s position as “the new leader in bone regeneration.”


Serquest campaign posterWhen we won the Serquest account after an agency search of the Southeast, we were tickled — partly because we knew that our client wanted something bold. This preclinical drug development company, a subsidiary of 58-year-old Southern Research Institute, said that they chose us because of our healthcare experience and creative flair. And our client definitely wanted flair!

In fact, in an interview with the AdWeek editor who interviewed him, he said “Staid and standard . . . that’s exactly what people would expect and exactly what I don’t want. I wanted people to get, ‘We’re a brand new company, and that’s what The Zimmerman Group has given us.’”

Responsible for strategic planning, advertising, direct mail, web development, collateral, media buys, and even a launch party in New Orleans, we chose this visual of the head of an older man superimposed onto a baby’s body, playing with an oversized molecule, to symbolize the company and build onto the tagline: “A brand new company with a 58-year head start.” It was an instant hit.

RTI Health Solutions

RTI Trade Show BoothLike Serquest, RTI Health Solutions was a subsidiary of a major research organization and we were chosen to help launch them. Unlike Serquest, however, RTI Health Solutions, specializing in health economics and outcomes research, wanted a more conservative campaign. Yet they wanted to make a big splash at their first trade show.

In addition to sending an intriguing flat direct mail (wrapped in a belly band) to introduce the new company to prospective clients and influencers, we created a poster that we mailed to likely attendees in advance of the first show — in a tube. Now, for some industries this might not seem revolutionary. But for this audience, a poster was perceived as quite dramatic! (The key is in understanding your audience.)

Then, because scientists — rather than sales people — were planning to man their booth, we trained them in trade show etiquette and conducted a role-play session to discuss optimal answers to prospect questions.

After the first show, the scientists told us how popular the poster was and how confident they felt answering questions, because of the role-play and the pre-show training manuals we developed. Now that’s the kind of thing that makes an agency feel good.


Advanced Pain Relief Centers CampaignThe Zimmerman Group was asked to help an established medical practice become better understood for its breadth and depth of services.  We began with a naming process to bring the two offices, located in different cities, under a single umbrella. 

This led to a new logo and then to a public relations campaign informing patients and referring physicians that Advanced Pain Relief Centers has a team of specialists with advanced certifications offering comprehensive medical services.

We also launched a print ad campaign in targeted publications, new yellow page ads, and a new website.  Armed with these integrated tools, we can market wisely – both through paid ads and via grassroots opportunities – while sending a strong, unified message.

Lineberry Research

Lineberry campaign adA full-service contract research organization and consulting firm based in Research Triangle Park, Lineberry Research always had a strong commitment to community service. In fact, their support of employee volunteerism to such programs as March of Dimes and Habitat for Humanity was so noteworthy that they were named one of North Carolina’s Family-Friendly Companies.

We created this ad to reflect that aspect of their corporate culture, helping to spread the word to clients, prospective clients, and prospective employees. The headline: "It may not be our fanciest tool, but it’s definitely one of the most gratifying."

The Zimmerman Group also handled their public relations, journal advertising, media planning, and collateral development.


Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau CampaignWhen The Zimmerman Group won the Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau account, we started with strategic planning to develop a campaign platform that supported Durham’s key attributes.  

Even though we were reaching out to different audiences – including both visitors and meeting planners — we created an umbrella approach to unify all ads. Our goals? To entice readers to inquire about Durham and to understand that Durham is a colorful, creative, entrepreneurial community that offers a wide range of activities, events, and resources. 

Then we addressed practical issues.  Since our media space would often be small, we recognized the need to use a few well-chosen words to evoke emotion.  And we brought the ads to life with photographs designed to create a sense of excitement and interest. 

By tracking telephone and web responses — as well as the number of reply card returns — we were able to confirm the campaign’s success.  


Shenandoah University CampaignWe were chosen to promote Shenandoah Performs, a wonderful summer festival that brings world-class musicians to Winchester, Virginia.

Our strategic plan focused on integrating a host of tactics, given a tight timeframe and a limited budget.

We began by capturing the beauty of the music and the splendor of the setting, in both words and images.  Our logo weaves together the key elements: rolling hills, graceful instruments, Shenandoah University artistic genius. This logo, along with a powerful tagline, branded the festival on posters, ads, TV spots, website, press kits, e-newsletters, newspaper inserts, T-shirts, signage, and more.

Then we launched a multi-pronged public relations initiative: feature articles, news stories, media briefings, radio and TV appearances, PSAs, on-air ticket giveaways, op ed pieces, calendar announcements, etc.

Rewarding?  Oh, yes!  Here are just a few of the organizers’ comments:

“Thanks to you, Ellen!  It wouldn’t have been the same festival without you.”  “Man, am I impressed with this report – do you ever sleep?”  “I greatly appreciate your knowledge and talents.”  “You have captured the excitement we’re looking for.”


Toray Plastics CampaignToray Plastics, teaming up with Diversified Foam, had an opportunity to turn the spotlight on their floor underlayments at a major trade show. 

Our goal was to create a knock-em-dead trade show booth, with seven panels showcasing their line of products.  But we didn’t want to feature flooring in the same ol’ way.  Instead, we used a compelling image of a child in motion as our center graphic, coupled with a copy line that spoke to their key product’s superiority. 

When we discovered the opportunity to advertise on the back cover of the show program, we jumped on it, repeating the same image and copy line there.

With pre-show direct mail, collateral, and an unusual press kit, Toray stormed the show, closing multiple distributorships, garnering tons of leads, and more than doubling their booth traffic from previous years.


Glaxo Smith Kline CampaignWith careful planning and creative thinking, a seemingly minor mailing can fulfill many goals.

In this case, we came up with the idea of a warm holiday greeting that introduced a new corporate identity to the target audience of asthma patients, provided tips for controlling asthma during the winter months, highlighted information about upcoming asthma programs, gathered patient information and underscored GlaxoSmithKline’s commitment to this audience.

Thanks to the accompanying reply card, we were able to get a very accurate measurement of customer response. From a mailing of almost 250,000, more than 61,500 people completed and returned the card – a response rate of nearly 25%. Our work on this project was also recognized by the International Association of Business Communicators with the prestigious Gold Quill Award of Excellence, given to only 58 of 1,672 entries from around the world.


Carolina Premier Medical Group CampaignCarolina Premier Medical Group, an independent physician practice group, was under a serious time crunch to build a patient base.

Their request to us: make the phones ring.

We built a campaign designed to stop the reader. And we made careful media buys that ensured page dominance.

Our campaign featured "Spot" the dog who became an instant favorite of staff and prospects, and obviously did his job for Carolina Premier.

And, within the first month of advertising, the client was averaging 300 new calls each week.


Council for Entrepreneurial Developement CampaignThe Council for Entrepreneurial Development was planning a big shindig to celebrate the grand opening of their new facility, and they wanted to attract as large a crowd as possible. So they asked The Zimmerman Group to create their invitation.

Fully 30 percent (yes, you read that right – 30 percent) of the audience responded. Over half of them attended the event. And the evening was a big success all around.

Proof, we believe, that if you want to create excitement, you’d better use an exciting approach.


Clintrials Research CampaignThe company was moving into a big new facility, and made the exceedingly smart decision to make an event out of it – for clients, for employees, and for the press.

We were called upon to create materials for all three of these audiences, from news releases and speeches to invitations and announcements.

We also suggested creating this poster to demonstrate the company’s commitment to its workforce. 

This drawing for airline tickets, in conjunction with a barbecue for employees and their families, sent a message of appreciation loud and clear.


Durham Partnership for Children CampaignIt’s critical that young children are safe, healthy, loved, and respected. And if they’re not, there can be serious consequences later in life.

The task was to begin building awareness of that fact. The goal was to do so in a way that was powerful and compelling without being shrill or hysterical. And the challenge was to deliver a message that addressed every ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic group.

We created materials for a variety of media, from television and radio to bus signs and community posters. All pieces, including the billboard, used the same graphic approach and message, thereby increasing the overall impact exponentially.

And it really worked: there was an 18% increase in the number of Durham residents who believe in the importance of spending money on young children, as well as overwhelmingly positive comments from community leaders, children’s advocates, and parent volunteers.

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